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Who We Serve

Hardships know no bounds! Here’s a small snapshot of people we care for on a weekly basis. Names have been changed to protect their identity and privacy.

Bethany lives in a motel and has a learning disability. She obtained employment at a fast food restaurant, but needed proper work clothes. We provided her with the black pants and shirts required for her to work.

Anthony, a young, homeless man was pursing an education beyond high school. We provided him with a new laptop for college when his crashed. 

In 2021, we served approximately 600 patrons at our Back to School event distributing 400 backpacks and 150 bags of children’s clothes. In 2022, attendance more than doubled with 1,400 patrons; 630 backpacks and 300 bags of children’s clothes were distributed. Parents and children lined up 2-1/2hrs prior to the event starting. This reiterated the unfortunate reality of the great need within our community! 


In 2023, attendance grew to 1,721.  In collaboration with other businesses, organizations, and churches, over 1,600 backpacks filled with supplies were distributed to students in need.  We directly provided 673 bags of children's clothes and 213 pairs of new shoes. 


“Mercy Support Services sees it as a true honor and a privilege to serve alongside Seeds of Love Ministry. They not only provide tangible solutions for the immediate need, but they do everything with great love and care, helping to show the greatest level of dignity to all those they serve. They are instrumental in helping Mercy as we equip families in our community restabilize themselves. I look forward to many more years of service alongside them as we move forward in all God has in store!”

– Dena Collins, Director of Operations for Mercy Support Services


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