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About Us

We very strategically stretch donated funds we receive to serve about 200 homeless and low-income individuals a month in Northeast Florida through our weekly assistance program and monthly community outreach initiatives.  


Our all-volunteer team seeks online and in-store deals for extremely low-cost items.  Twenty dollars can provide 4- children with 5-pieces of new clothing that would otherwise cost about $200!  Although our methods are extremely labor intensive, we consider them a labor of love!   


By recognizing that many in our outreach feel deflated because of their circumstances, we aim to help restore individual dignity by providing new items. In everything we do and provide, we want them to know that they are a first thought, not an afterthought.   


We also partner with aligned nonprofits and organizations through community events to increase the value of our combined impact. One of our major events is a yearly Back-to-School outreach that provides children with backpacks, school supplies, shoes, and clothing to empower them for a strong, successful start to the school year!


“Seeds of Love is absolutely amazing!!
They provided our ministry with beautiful dresses for our ladies for an event! Each lady found a dress they loved and are looking forward to the night!”

– Brittany, Villages of Hope


Serve with us today!

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